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Mari Sabra Photography || Studio Head Shots

CommercialAshlee Hamon

My dear and talented friend Sabra swung by VHS this week for some new portraits to go onto her new fancy web site. We had a blast! 

In the past I have been very reliant on strobes and modifiers to create the light I want. Oftentimes, I was forcing ambient and natural light 100% out of the exposure. In the last 6 months though I have been extremely inspired to work with natural light and bend it to my will, and I LOVE it! 

I pulled down the black sweep and put her on an stool next to the window. The window had a sheer + lace curtain and then I added an extra layer of cheap plastic (1$ plastic drop cloth from home depot). Then I bounced the light around her face with some more Home Depot goodies; a huge sheet of styrofoam insulation, white on one side and silver on the other, cut in half (to fit in my tiny hatchback). 

Pretty excited about the results! Nikon D750 w/ 50mm 1.4 Sigma Art at f/2.8 125th 1250 ISO + minimal skin retouching in LR.

We also played around outside with smoke bombs!