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I'M ASHLEE! Let's pretend we just hugged and now I'm beaming a smile at you! I'm a very enthusiastic, organized, and artistic professional photographer in Tampa, Florida. I love LOVE and LIGHT and it takes a lot of restraint to not end every sentence with an exclamation point! At the same time, I am also a soulful hopeless romantic.
I would describe my photography style as sophisticated, vibrant, sharp, and fun! I strive to always be in the moment. I toe the line between preparation and spontaneity, between timeless and modern, between soft and over the top.... contrast is what makes life interesting. In this moment, I’m so excited to know you, your love story, and the vision you have for your big moment of commitment and celebration. I'm beyond curious. When your big moments come, I can't wait to be there, in it with you, using my point of view and skills to tell your story as beautifully and powerfully as possible.  I believe everything comes from within, to be shared and that there is nothing more important than love. I am passionate about visually communicating your adventure, your love story, what and who you love most. I am a realizer of dreams. I grew up here in Tampa, the oldest of 3 children, one of whom is mentally disabled. I was always a nerdy "A" student and an athlete, participating in obscure sports like synchronized swimming and collegiate women's crew. I went on to graduate from UCF with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. GO KNIGHTS! After graduation, I went around the world for a year before starting my business full time. I’ve traveled to Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, England, Wales, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Bali, Chile, and Turks & Caicos. On my wish list is New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Madagascar.