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Heyo! Sooo it’s been a hot minute since I blogged! I took a step back in November of 2018 and sort of went cold turkey on my blog and newsletter. I had every intention of backing up my blog onto this new fanlged thing called and then changing my website template…finally. It’s ALL custom from 2014 around here and I am really itching for a relaunch! I’m not sure what will happen when I change the template so there’s some back end work to do first and then hopefully some quick adjustments before it can go live again. But as you can see it’s now mid MAY and nothing has happened yet! Story of our lives right?

So even though I’m not quite “ready” or where i wanted to be I just HAVE to start t throwing up some work! I have to at least show you a little bit of what I’ve been up to this spring! Some kick ass weddings are coming but in the mean time I have brag on this awesome branding session!

I shot Mrs. Jackie’s headshot a few years back and was SO thrilled when she reached out wanted to do a full on branding session! Her husband Dave has since joined her team and they were super pumped to create some awesome imagery to use in marketing materials. Her mood was “forbes cover…but make it fashion”. They NAILED their outfits and took direction SO well, I mean they should just switch careers and go into modeling! We did a lot of studio looks before grabbing some extras and doing more lifestyle client interaction images. Can you spot my FIANCE!? Oh yeah, it’s been a bus 2019! Then our grand finale took us across the street form their offices to the campus of UT. They loved my wacky idea of shooting past the backdrop and we hit the Tampa skyline at sunset perfectly! Check them out and let me know which spot was your favorite!