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Emalee and Kevin's Downtown Headshots

LifestyleAshlee Hamon

A good head shot is worth a thousand words! It communicates who you are in an instant.  I LOVE creating polished and authentic portraits for my clients! I think having a head shot that matches your personality and goals for any endeavor is vital to make it nowadays. We are a visual culture and the quality of the image you present to the world is priceless. I was thrilled to create head shots for the talented massage therapist and entrepreneur Emalee. We decided to do 2 looks, one indoors and one out. I think the outdoor ones are my favorite, they match her bright and beautiful personality. For Kevin, he desperately needed an updated head shot, the last one he had was form JC Penny 10 years ago! He was astonished at the difference between the custom boutique experience I offered and what he was used to. I helped him decide on outfits and scouted some great location around downtown Tampa. The most fun though was getting him to relax and be himself, and once he was he was killing it like a model! If you need a head shot that is vibrant and full of life contact me at!