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Pacific Northwest Adventures | Part 2

DestinationAshlee HamonComment

More amazingness from the WEST COAST!! SO MUCH GREEEEEENNN!

To round out our time in Oregon we met up fellow shooter Esther near Portland! She and her husband had just moved there 3 days before! Crazy! Esther blew us away with a prototype fro a new dress she made! She has been killing it with amazing silk gowns made especially for portraiture. It was INSANE!! Plus a waterfall!! We were basically unable to form sentences after this…and then we went to their new house on a farm with an overgrown wheat field on the gorge…..dead.

After all that amazingness I was so lucky to make my way up to Seattle to spend time with family and friends. HUGE thanks to everyone who hosted me! And to Joslin for letting me tag along on her whale watching adventure to the San Juan Islands. 

It was amazing, See for yourself. 

Now I’m off to Bali…..stay tuned!!!