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Paula & Kenny: Ybor Street Car & The Columbia

Brian Spotts

Everyone has visions of a destination beach wedding, an elegant country club ceremony, or a cozy backyard celebration. However, what about the opportunity to actually transport your guests through your hometown in a unique and intimate moving chapel? Consider a Street Car or Trolley! Our adorable couple did just that last month through downtown Tampa. I was so thrilled for the challenge and opportunity to photograph their ceremony in an Ybor Trolley, on the 10th anniversary of their comeback no less. This detail wasn’t even planned, can you say destiny? Coordination was key. I joined the guests at the very first stop in Ybor. They took their seats on the Special Service car and we headed off to pick up the wedding party on our way to Whiting Station. The conductor entertained everyone with the little known history of Ybor and the trolley’s themselves along the way. Then before you knew it we were picking up the groom and his best man. Next stop, the Bride! When the trolley pulled into the station everyone was grinning with anticipation. Everything was in place and the violinist began to play the most beautiful wedding march. I could tell the guests we so thrilled to be a part of something so special. After the I-Do’s it was picture time! We got a great big shot of all of the guests and then it was on to decorate the car for its ride back for the reception. It was perfect! The banner and beer cans went on and the guests headed back to Ybor to the The Columbia. They got to take a ride and socialize for the start of “cocktail hour” and we got to take our time getting some great shots in the downtown setting. The bricks, wrought iron, and beautiful landscaping made for gorgeous backdrops. It was a refreshing alternative to grass and sand. Again good coordination made the whole event smooth and enjoyable. We got our shots then sent the wedding party off in an arranged vehicle. Their romantic portraits came out beautiful as the sun began to set. Then the couple and I got to ride in the Father of the Bride’s brand new Cadillac! Hello stylish! And the Columbia wasn’t too bad either!

This was a day to remember. It suited the couple’s style and personalities perfectly. They are modern, creative, and passionate and their special day truly reflected that. Follow your inspirations and tailor your day to express who you are as a couple. And don’t forget to have a great PLAN!